Family Keyring Stl Files

Family Keyring Stl Files


    Transform any keychain with this customizable Intial Keyring Stl File! Perfect for gifting on any occasion, this unique keyring adds a personal touch to any set of keys. Show off your word in style with this 3D-printed stl file. Make a statement and stand out from the crowd!

    Instant Download when you purchase. you will download a text file. Open text, go to link in text, then you can download your design.
    Important; please be aware this is not a physical product. You are buying a digital file for 3d printing. There will be no refunds.
    What is not allowed:

    No commercial use or public sharing of the 3D model;
    No modification or adaptation of the 3D model for public sharing or sale;
    No distribution, sale, donation or exchange of the digital files of the 3D model.

    Material: PLA
    Layer height: 0.20mm
    Infill: 100%
    Supports: No

    We do also have the physical product to sell on our shop if this is what you want.

    We also own the copy right to this design

    We have a very friendly customer service. so please contact us with any questions you may have.
    This hook is print in place model supports are needed.
    prints great in PLA.

    We have many other Intail Keyrings available and many more to upload so please follow us or feel free to contact us with any request.
    Please feel free to share images of your prints on this page or any of our social media platforms. Thank You.

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