Personalised 3D Printed Keyring (physical)

Personalised 3D Printed Keyring (physical)


    Add a unique accessory for yourself or a fellow dog lover. Show off your passion for dogs with this customizable keyring. Unleash the full potential of your keys with our stunning dog keyring. Perfect gifts for dog lovers, these personalized keychains bring a touch of fun and customization to any occasion. Experience the magic of 3D printing. These keychains not only keep your keys organized, but also serve as unique works of art. Get yours today and discover the joy of personalized 3D printing!

    3D printed design
    Personalised design
    This item is printed using PLA – plant-based plastic
    If you have any questions, send us a message

    Can be printed in the colours of your choice. (we do advise not to have black and white as the black shows through the white).

    Once the order is printed, we will send you a photo of your order. To make sure you are happy with your order!
    Print Time takes 24 Hrs.
    Depending on price and size, Shipping time may vary slightly.
    A message will be, sent to you confirming your order! When your print has been shipped.
    We have a very friendly customer service. We will do everything we can to make sure you have the perfect 3D-printed product.